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    I am making a short 3 minute video to go with a song that will be posted to youtube/myspace etc that will essentially promote a cruelty free lifestyle etc

    The song is called "the sadness of the lambs".

    The music is in hand, but for the video I need various images, particularly of lambs/sheep being transported/ being treated badly + also scenes of lambs playing/sleeping to juxtapose

    Just wondered whether anyone had access to archive library material of this sort of thing that they would be willing to let me have? Clearly if an organisation is involved I will credit them in the titles for the use of the footage etc. It is clearly a non commerical project.



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    I don't know if this will help you, but this website has cheap music and they even have a section with 100% free music.

    Or, you could ask Moby if you could use his music:
    Warm & cozy? Are we talking vodka or the other good stuff? Wink, wink...

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    Yaksongs already has the music. He's after images.
    ..but what would they do with all the cows?..

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    Thanks for your post sleepydvdr - although as Paul says, the music is original & already recorded. I don't normally write "songs" as my usual musical output is instrumental melodic & progressive rock - see

    This song is unlike my usual material - Scarlett has heard it - you can ask her opinion if you like !

    Animal Aid have send me one of their DVD's to use which may have some scenes I can use, I just haven't had time to look at it yet. - most of the other orgs I tried didn't reply

    On the prog front I am releasing an album on 14th November to hopefully raise a few pounds for the animals at Tower Hill Stables - there are some details at this link



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    I would have thought that CIWF would have plenty of the type of footage that you're after. I expect you've tried them though.

    Have you tried the Farm Animal Welfare Network?

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    I have a friend at CAPS who knows someone at CIWF & he is still waiting for them to come back to him as far as I know. Thanks for the other link I will try them if there is nothing I can use on the Animal Aid DVD.



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    Hey Yaksongs...
    are you cutting the video yourself?

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    Digitally speaking - yes. I have had a play with the software that came with the PC & it seems easy enough... famous last words.... lol

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    ...although having just seen your profile I see you are a pro !

    If you want to help put a professional vid together that would be great. I imagine the software that comes with the PC is captain basic...


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