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Thread: At least 25% of the world's mammal species at risk of extinction?

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    Default At least 25% of the world's mammal species at risk of extinction?

    Mammals facing extinction threat

    The Red List of Threatened Species says populations of more than half of mammalian species are falling, with Asian primates particularly at risk.
    The biggest threat to mammals is loss of habitat, including deforestation.
    But there is good news for the African elephant, whose recovery leads to removal from the high-risk list.
    This year's Red List looks at 5,487 mammals, and concludes that 1,141 are currently on the path towards disappearance.

    This may be an under-estimate, the authors caution, as there is not enough data to make an assessment in more than 800 cases. The true figure could be nearer to one- third.
    "Within our lifetime, hundreds of species could be lost as a result of our own actions, a frightening sign of what is happening to the ecosystems where they live," said Julia Marton-Lefevre, director-general of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) which publishes the Red List.
    More here.

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    Default Re: At least 25% of the world's mammal species are at risk of extinction?

    Which is the more 'important event', the last dodo being slaughtered or a cow losing its life at an abbatoir (leaving a billion cows still out there)? To me they're the same for each loses their one life. To say otherwise would be speciesism surely?

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