here our new freegan-website in english and russian:

the goal of this website from an AR-perspective is as following: a lot of poeple are interested in waste of food and also they are affected emotionally. far more than are affected by AR or AW.
people who are interested in freegan, because of media reports get on our website und see the bloody AR-videos and other deeper criticisms which cant get transported in the media.

here is a media report from austria (100% positve):

help needed:
please criticise the website: are there mistakes with tranlation? are some links bad? do you know better links or videos to embed?

and important: can you make links to our website if you like it!

please answer me in english or german here or to info@freegan.at
the target group is non-vegetarian or non-vegans. we try to make clear that vegan isnot freegan. only freegan interested should stumble upon vegan, not the other way around.

greetings flux