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Thread: Fresh/ raw food vegan in Saskatchewan?

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    Default Fresh/ raw food vegan in Saskatchewan?

    I'm from Australia and we are moving to southern Saskatchewan. Fruit and vegetables are basically what I live off here, I dont really have the pre packaged types of vegan food.
    With the climate in Canada is there a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables about?
    We loved visiting Canada and are planning on making the move permanent but I am a bit worried about my choices food wise. Does anyone live in Regina/Weyburn/Estevan etc and successfully live on a fresh food/raw vegan diet?

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    Hey! I live in Regina actually, and have just recently become a raw vegan. Its awesome I quite often think of how i hate living here, though, in regards to the diet. There are no raw restaurants, but yes, plenty of fresh produce. No one really cares about organic though unfortunately people are just not very health/environmentally concious here. There are only a handful of organic food shops. And its very expensive. But i think you get what you pay for, so i dont really mind.
    Anything else i can help you with?

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