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Thread: Fennel and orange salad

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    Default Fennel and orange salad

    Here is a great recipe a friend whipped up for me.

    Slice one fennel.
    Slice one orange.
    Put in a bowl.

    It is a great mix of flavours, and one I'd never thought of before, but it was absolutely delicious. Enjoy!

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    Default Re: Fennel and orange salad

    how lucky i had some fennel in the fridge! i have added some poppy seeds , a tad of black pepper and a smidge of chopped fresh parsley - yum yum! nice as a pre-lunch snacky-poo!

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    Default Re: Fennel and orange salad

    Fennel is great with some citrus and parsley too as cedarblue mentioned. Chopped red onion and celery seed are good to add too. I much prefer it in a salad than cooked.
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