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Thread: vegan yogurt recipes?

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    Default vegan yogurt recipes?

    I have slightly expired soy yogurt (expired feb4) but I didn't open it till yesterday. First off do you think it's still good? Secondly, it's plain and there is a big tub, does anyone have any recipes that use a lot of yogurt. Preferably gluten-free?
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    Gee, Nyx, I feel bad nobody answered you before this. I think I would have eaten the yogurt, that wasn't too far out of date. But once it's opened you need to use it up fairly quickly.

    Really, every recipe that uses dairy yogurt, you can just substitute the soy yogurt. Dont' worry if you dont' have a recipe that specifies soy yogurt - I haven't found anything that the soy yogurt couldn't replace the dairy yogurt.

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