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Thread: Anyone has a nonchocolate mousse recipe?

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    Default Anyone has a nonchocolate mousse recipe?

    I'm trying to find a good mousse recipe (preferably something light and vanilly but I'm open to other flavors) but I only found chocolate mousse recipes. Chocolate is great but I doubt it goes well with mangoes. I'm trying to replace the egg and milk based mousse in this which calls for milk and custard powder.

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    Default Re: Anyone has a nonchocolate mousse recipe?

    Hi, I don't have a recipe but I just wanted to say that I think mango and chocolate do in fact go quite well together - you can buy chocolate-covered dried mango and it's pretty good.

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    Default Re: Anyone has a nonchocolate mousse recipe?

    Tricky. Chocolate's so good in things like that because it sets. It's sort of that custardy 'pastry cream' stuff, isn't it? I wonder if you could just use thick vegan custard, or vegan whipped cream? For something more moussey I'd probably be inclined to experiment with using soya whipping cream, silken tofu and fruit puree. Or you could just make a chocolatey version with strawberries instead

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