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Thread: Pizza Hut

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut - Making a fool of yourself?

    Ditto, the only ones I've seen cut are takeaway, which you can ask to be uncut.
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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    Italian base in restaurants is back to having milk according to

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    on the subject, you've just reminded me that i used to make a mean pizza which i haven't done for ages and will do tomorrow now, thank you. I use pitta bread for the base, baked beans/ketchup then vegan cheese, and loads of veggies piled high and smothered with chillies and black pepper, stick it in the oven for 10 mins or so and hey presto..... Pizza Hut who????

    I named them Pitzas lol.
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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    yeah the pan base is vegan. when ordering kids make sure its pan they tend to try and get away with the thin one it seems!?
    never had a problem asking for no cheese, it says on the website if you tell them its an allergy they will use seperate utensils and seperate for cooking, if you dont then tough.
    i also swap cheese for mushrooms at no charge.
    i think its the calzone thats vegan, someone mentioned dominos im sure they do a vegan base too but i've never been/looked into it. i like pizza express too
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    Default Re: Pizza Hut - Making a fool of yourself?

    Quote Zero View Post
    For some reason when you said "the hut" I couldn't help but think of this guy:

    This Hutt isn't vegan, but it sounds like a few things at "the Hut" are.

    Our pizzahut here makes some greasy crust.

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    Quote fatvegan View Post
    Italian base in restaurants is back to having milk according to
    Thank you for the heads-up.
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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    My brother works at a Pizza Hut and he just told me that you can get a pizza w/o cheese on it.

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut - Making a fool of yourself?

    Quote leedsveg View Post
    Just received a leaflet from the local Pizza Hut with 2 new pizzas and this is how they are described:

    'FEELING SINFUL? THE 7 SINS MEAT PIZZA. Our meatiest and most indulgent pizza yet. So devilishly tasty, will you be tempted to sin? (Steak, chicken, bacon, spicy pork sausage, ham formed from cuts of pork leg with added water, pepperoni, spicy beef reformed cuts of beef with added soya and sesoning. Devilishly tasty.) Leaflet shows a picture of flames.

    FEELING GOOD? THE VIRTUOUS VEG PIZZA. Our most delicious combination of vegetables yet. So divinely tasty, will you be worthy? (Spinach, mushrooms, mixed peppers, red onions, tomato, black olives-may contain stones, available with or without green chillies. Simply divine.)' Leaflet shows a picture of fluffy clouds.

    What a crock of sh*te. I notice that they are only available until 3 January ('Hurry, only available until 3 January.') but I'm wondering if they're cashing in on Halloween. (When I was a kid in Sheffield in the 1940s/1950s, Halloween meant nothing to me, I was only interested in Bonfire Night (November 5th). These days, Asda has whole rows full of tacky Halloween tat and I have to wonder who buys such overpriced junk.)

    Anyway, I thought it interesting that eating 'meat' is tied in with 'sin', whereas eating 'vegetables' is linked to 'virtue'. Of course the day after Halloween is All Saints Day and perhaps on that day, the Pizza Hut branch nearest the Vatican, does a roaring trade serving The Virtuous Veg Pizza!

    Day after Halloween is world vegan day too, usually.
    :D :)

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut - Making a fool of yourself?

    Quote friend View Post
    Day after Halloween is world vegan day too, usually.
    Yup, because 1st November is the anniversary date of the first Vegan Society (UK) meeting in 1944.


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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    Will someone please answer this question for me? Okay....I am not a pizza kind of guy, but a friend and I decided to order a pizza tonight. We ordered a hand-tossed/thin crust from Pizza Hut. My half did not have cheese (obviously). I had sliced jalapeno peppers and sliced pieces of mushroom. When we got the pizza there were no cheese remnants or such on my side. Can I rest assured that I did not eat something with animal byproducts. I am aware that the same facility is used so there may be trace amounts, but not in the actual recipe ingredients.
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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    This pizza is way better than Pizza Hut:

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    An easy to cook at home vegan 'pizza' for anyone who cares to try ...

    Heat a French stick, baguette, ciabatta loaf or similar in the oven untill it's toasty on the outside and warm all the way through.

    Cut in half long ways.

    Liberaly spread cut side with creamed corn.

    Layer that with thinly sliced celery.

    Top with grated vegan cheese and season with black pepper.

    Slap it under the grill till the cheese looks right.

    Ok, it's not actualy a pizza in the strictest sense but it is very very nice
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    Homemade vegan pizza is so much better! Make your own pizza dough/crust (there are tons of vegan and even gluten free vegan pizza crust recipes on the web), add your sauce and favorite veggies and spices. For cheese if you are into that you can use stuff like Daiya or nut based cheeses crumbled on and even vegan Parmesan (ground up nutritional yeast and almonds or walnuts). I make a tofu ricotta with tofu and cooked sweet potato or pumpkin, nutritional yeast, some spices etc. In place of any kind of cheese I sometimes make a thick paste with tahini, lemon juice, splash of soy sauce, and spices like turmeric or mustard powder and smear it on the crust, or else spread hummus on the dough and then add stuff like black olives, cooked green beans, pineapple, crumbled tempeh etc. Or you could just add some kind of oil or vinaigrette to the dough or toppings in place of cheese or sauce.

    Fortunately there are more and more vegan friendly restaurants offering some awesome vegan pizzas. In the U.S. there is Pizza Luce which caters to vegans. I had their mushroom arugula pizza once. Everything..the dough, vegan cheese vegan.

    I can't imagine why anyone would want to eat pizza from Pizza Hut. Gross!

    Here are a few of my vegan pizzas:
    [IMG]homemade vegan pizza with tahini sauce, onion, green beans, olives, mushroom by Naturebound2011, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]GF Vegan pizza with Butternut squash spread and veggies 2 by Naturebound2011, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]Elaines Homemade Vegan Pizza with Daiya Cheese tomato enchilada sauce and garden produce by Naturebound2011, on Flickr[/IMG]

    [IMG]Vegan Pizza Pizza Luce May 2014 by Naturebound2011, on Flickr[/IMG]

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    Default Re: Pizza Hut

    All of those sound very good, CG and Robin (I probably should go and have something to eat as any sort of food is sounding good!).

    Pizza Hut certainly wouldn't be my first choice but I suppose it's useful to know if places like that have vegan stuff in case one gets marooned somewhere with limited vegan options. Also of course if they do have vegan stuff then a non-vegan may accidentally eat it which is always good news

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