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Thread: any way of making 'butter' with soy milk?

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    Default any way of making 'butter' with soy milk?

    Is there any way of making homemade 'butter' with soy milk? As in when we were kids, they had us make butter in a churn with dairy milk (heavy whipping cream) so we could understand where butter comes from.

    A historic reenactment group I work with is going to demonstrate butter making, and I can't change that. But if it were possible to make the soy milk gel into butter by churning it, I might be able to talk them into using soy as a healthy substitute, but the process would look realistic for the demonstration.

    But I'm not too sure soy milk will turn into an Earth Balance type thing if you churn it?

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    Default Re: any way of making 'butter' with soy milk?

    I think a butter like compond will be impossible with standard kitchen equipment but maybe give a demonstration of how to make tofu (bean curd) from soy milk, instead? You'll also need a coagulant like calcium sulfate, too. I think tofu would be more analogous to how you make cheese from cow's milk because both have a curdling stage and then a form filling/ hardening stage.

    You could argue that butter has absolutly zero nutritional value to a human, all it does is harden the arteries, whereas tofu is a good form of healthy, complete protein with all the amino acids. Good luck.

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