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Thread: Vegan Fat Sources/ High Cal diet

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    Default Vegan Fat Sources/ High Cal diet

    I've been cycling more and more as the weather gets nicer both for commuting, errands and recreation. I do a minimum 20 miles a day in a very hilly area. I have been talking to competitive Vegan cyclists, and the general consensus is to eat as much food as possible, a lot of carbs and generally for any cycling diet is to get at least 30% percent of calories from fat. I'm in need of some good vegan fat sources because other than peanut butter and olive oil I'm completely clueless.

    Also, I've really been trying to up my calorie intake, but I eat so much to satisfy my hunger as of now, there has to be more effective foods? then what I'm eating, which is in my personal opinion, a good mix of whole grains, veggies, legumes carbs, a Lil fruit and occasionally processed meat substitutes.

    I'm freaking hungry man.

    *I'm on vegan fitness, but no ones really getting back to me.

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    I would suggest a lot of pasta. A whole lot of carbs, and they fill you up. Whenever I see weight lifters or any other athlete on television shows, they seem to eat a lot of pasta for energy. Drown it with some tomato sauce and a bunch of garlic cloves.

    Avocados have a lot of fat, so either avocados themselves or guacamole could help. Yum.

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    Lots of bananas, banana are a cyclists' superfood, also chocolate, and flapjack type bars.
    See my local diary ...

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