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Thread: Low Fiber Vegan Foods?

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    Default Low Fiber Vegan Foods?

    Hello! I was wondering if I could have help with vegan foods that are low in fiber, especially ones low in insoluble fiber (such as not nuts and seeds). This is what is often recommended for people who have IBD which it is suspected I have (doctors still not sure if it's appendicitis yet, but likely IBD or endometriosis or both). Good thing I don't like corn much anyway, even though I ate some the first night here because that was what the vegan soup had in it. But I'm used to being a "fiber fiend" so to speak, downing two bowls of chili, a salad, and other fiberous foods as well at a meal, with a bunch of water interspersed throughout the day.

    Anyhow, it would help me tremendously. I would probably end up consulting a nutritionist or something, and since the diagnosis is tentative I am currently any changes would be for my comfort and manageability rather than a permanent routine. Still haven't ruled out an intolerance, perhaps to soy or wheat, but I think some other things are more likely given eating and pain habits (while constant, there are certain fluctuations, like more pain one time after fried potatoes and onions and avocados and orange with soy yogurt than a roasted vegetable pizza with garlic bread).

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    I know this post is from a while back, but I'd be interested in hearing what happened. I've been eating way too much fiber recently and suffering the consequences. I'd really like a list of low fiber foods to eat and try out. Thanks!

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