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Thread: MAY 17TH: NEW YORK premiere of Meat the Truth

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    Default MAY 17TH: NEW YORK premiere of Meat the Truth

    Maybe this is interesting for the people living in NY.

    Hi everyone!

    On May 17th in New York, The Nicolaas G. Pierson Foundation (NGPF) will present the very first documentary on livestock farming’s contribution to the emission of greenhouse gases, Meat the Truth.

    I hereby would like to invite you (and whoever you think would be interested) to attend the New York premiere of Meat the Truth, which will be held at New York Film Academy. There will be two screenings: at 5 pm and at 7 pm.

    Meat the Truth, presented by the Dutch Party for the Animals’ leader Marianne Thieme, forms an addendum to earlier documentaries on climate change, which failed to address one of the biggest causes of global warming. Numerous reports produced by renowned scientists from the World Watch Institute, the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations, the Profetas project and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), were translated by researchers at the NGPF and the Free University Amsterdam into a concise visual document, which explains the impact of meat consumption on climate change, the use of natural resources and hunger in the world.

    The film answers questions that were left unanswered in earlier films, such as Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth, which while convincingly drawing attention to the issue of global warming, failed to mention one of the most important causes thereof. Meat the Truth demonstrates that worldwide the livestock industry is a far greater cause of global warming than all of the cars, trucks, planes and ships added together. The issues of the impact of livestock farming on water shortages and the unequal distribution of food resources are also raised in this documentary.

    The NGPF is the scientific bureau of the Party for the Animals; the worlds’ very first party for ‘non-humans’ to be represented in parliament. Many celebrities participated in the making of Meat the Truth, such as Pamela Anderson, Bill Maher, Emily Deschanel, Tony Denison, James Cromwell, Elaine Hendrix, Kate Flannery , Debra Wilson Skelton, Joy Lauren, Esai Morales, Wayne Pacelle, Howard Lyman, and many others.

    Date: May 17th 2009
    Screening times: 5pm and 7 pm
    Location: New York Film Academy
    Address: 100 E 17th Street, New York, NY
    Admission: FREE!


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    Default Re: MAY 17TH: NEW YORK premiere of Meat the Truth

    probably late to this but I went to an open house and I am really considering applying to one of their programs. They have good reviews including this one I found by one of their students, Alfredo Plessmann.

    I am studying at New York Film Academy because I want to become a successful filmmaker. I also prefer the overall program focus taught here over other schools.

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