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Thread: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

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    Default I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    1 bottle of water
    about 10 fries
    1 small portion of unbelievable veg pakora type things with mango chutney
    1 strawberry shakeaway
    1 chunk of jerky type thing
    1 cracker and sheeze
    1 large portion of those pakora, they were orgasmic with chunks of sweet potato and cauliflower leaves and beetroot among other things!
    sample of raw soup
    sample of smoothie
    1 crepe with cherries
    1/2 a crepe with lemon sugar
    loads more water
    a fresh juice cocktail
    a few more pakora

    that is all.

    How about you?

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Battered sausage and chips (the battered sausages were great )
    Another half of a battered sausage
    "Fish" and chips (the fish was good too)
    "Chicken" fritter and chips (the chicken was a bit tough, but it was the end of the Sunday so maybe it was over cooked or something...)
    A bit of a "mushroom fry" (the creole sauce made this too spicy for me)
    Some stir-fried tofu
    A cracker with soft Scheese and strawberry jam (a festival staple )
    A lemon and sugar crepe
    An apple and cinammon crepe
    An acai berry smoothie
    A lemon smoothie
    Edit: a chocolate and cherry Shakeaway (nice, but too chocolatey for a drink, IMHO)
    Edit: a double-cone of strawberry and vanilla ice cream (how could I forget this!)

    Must try harder next time.

    Oh and at Cafe Kino, I ate:
    A falafel, bread and hummus, an olive
    Fritata, chips and salad (nice)
    Chocolate cake (also nice, but should really have had some vanilla ice cream on it)
    Sausages, tomatoes, beans, hash browns, fried bread, and yummy mushrooms.
    Falafel and mango chutney sandwich (well, I didn't actually eat it at Cafe Kino, but I bought it from there and ate it later...)

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    A pizza
    A battered sausage and half a portion of chips (smothered in ketchup)
    Half an orange-chocolate shakeaway
    A cream egg
    A bit of everything sample-wise on the fry's table
    A piece of chocolate cake
    About 5 crackers with various varieties of sheese on, (the cheesecake one was really nice )
    A tray of thali food with poppadum
    2 shandies
    A crepe with maple syrup

    I was going to get an ice cream as well, but the stall had shut
    No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway.

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Hmmmm trying to cast my mind back now.....

    A pizza/salads/slice of choc cake deal from whistle stop cafe
    A choc/mint shakeaway (bt sickly the choc only one I had Fri was nicer!)
    A crepe with strawberry jam (yummy!)
    about 5 half pints of the vegan cider
    various samples of sheeze and frys and alpro samples
    Lots of water during the day

    On train home a mini flan with red peppers etc in and a red hot pakora and a can of beer.

    Next day - 1/2 slice of cheese and pot pie and slice of heavenly coconut cake

    At Cafe Kino I had 2 olives, 1/2 slice fresh bread dipped in hummous
    Vege burger, chips, salad and huge slice of choc cake (I agree we should of asked for ice cream!)

    Add to that several more beers and several Pimms and that makes up my weekend food/drink

    Id of liked to try the battered sausage and chips and the Mexican food but was too full!

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Thai snack box thing
    Piece of cake
    3 portions of chilli!
    Strawberry shakeaway
    Banana shakeaway
    Another shakeaway but can't remember what it was lol

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Gumbo, cornbread, rice and evil hot red sauce

    Fish, chips and beer


    Pakora and bhajis

    Plus a chocolate cherry milkshake with jelly tots
    Half a strawberry and half a chocolate rice cream
    Smoothie (can't remember what sort but it was purple)
    Some free samples from the Fry's stall
    Some jerky
    Maaany samples of Sheese

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    I had:

    A vegan cream egg
    A chocolate ice cream
    A plate of thali
    Some more indian food but I can't remember exactly what
    A chocolate, cherry and maple syrup milkshake
    3x crepes (shared with bf) - jam, maple syrup and chocolate spread

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Quote robb View Post
    A bit of a "mushroom fry" (the creole sauce made this too spicy for me)
    Whoops, sorry about that! I couldn't handle more than half a mushroom either

    Quote derwenna View Post


    Sooooo gooooooood!! For me the highlight of the festival food wise.

    Back to original question, too much! (ie, memory is a little fuzzy )
    Let the music mend our minds. Let the music bend our minds.

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    Default Re: I went to Bristol Vegan Fayre and I ate....

    Heyho... just joined the forums so I'm a bit late on the thread, but we ate the fish and chips too... how delicious was that!?

    As for what else.. well a bit of absolutely everything there was to taske from all the stands!

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