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Thread: Lidl Indian snacks

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    Default Lidl Indian snacks

    My Dad got me a box of Ravash - 16 mini Indian snacks from the freezer area of Lidl - 8 samosas and 8 bhajis.

    Says suitable for vegetarians and vegans on the front of the box has some tonight and they are very nice, pakoras mild and the samosas medium heat wise. Cost about 1.59 Im told - worth trying if you are near to a Lidl.

    I know Icelands party box of Indian snacks are also vegan but thats a huge box of 70 items and is 5 so Lidl's box suits me better.

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    Default Re: Lidl Indian snacks

    Thanks for the tip, Alisont!

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    Default Re: Lidl Indian snacks

    Ooooh sounds divine...

    I love Indian food!

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    Default Re: Lidl Indian snacks

    Was going to Lidls today anyway, so I got some. They were only a pound!Grilled 4 mini samosas and 4 mini bhajis - they didn't look much straight out of the box - but they tasted pretty good. (Had them with thinly sliced cucumber, plain soya yoghurt, herbs - I used za'ar, a Middle Eastern mix of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac - but mint would have been lovely too.)

    Will go back and stock up on more for emergencies.

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    yeah i love them too. i got for 1 pound on special offer.
    Love life love soya...

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