Not sure if this is is the right section for this question, but over the summer I will be spending up to a month on a mountain in Slovenia for a caving expedition. Anything I eat up there would have to be hauled up a vertical kilometre and would have to store well, so there's a lot of restriction on what I can eat. Luckily it appears that most of what has been relied upon in the past is vegan (rice, pasta, TVP, smash, nuts), although a few things aren't (tuna, dried milk, cheese). Obviously I can do without tuna, and powered soya milk does exist. However from what I've heard on previous expeditions they have been particularly dependent on cheese in their diet, mainly it would seem as it is difficult to get enough fat up there.

So what would you suggest as an alternative? I can eat a lot of fried nuts and dark chocolate perhaps. Any other ideas? I wouldn't want to resort to drinking cooking oil