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Thread: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

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    Default Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    These truffles were an experiment based on the premise that I like Pimms, I like strawberries and I like chocolate.

    I wasn't entirely sure what to expect but I'm reasonably pleased with them. Predominantly it's a chocolate hazelnut truffle, but the taste of pimms and strawberry does come through without being offensive.

    I think next time I might make cashew cream instead and possibly add some mint. The hazelnut is nice, but it's a strong flavour with takes away some of the flavour I was aiming for. I'm not sure as of yet as to whether I can get cucumber into the recipe

    There are 3 stages to the recipe:

    1. The first makes Strawberry Pimms Syrup, which is great served warm with vanilla icecream and broken ginger biscuits.
    2. The second makes a hazelnut paste using the syrup.
    3. The third actually makes truffles, using the paste.


    • A few glugs of Pimms
    • Strawberries (couple of handfuls)
    • Sugar

    1. Wash, chop and add strawberries to a small pan
    2. Add a few glugs of Pimms (if I had to guess I'd say about 100ml)
    3. Heat but don't boil
    4. Crush a few of the strawberries to release juice
    5. Add sugar - enough to make a syrup.
    6. Once the sugar has disolved let the mixture cool, or use some of it for pudding.

    Hazelnut Paste

    • 60g of strained syrup (see above)
    • 80g blanched hazelnuts
    • 20ml Pimms
    • 20ml water

    1. Blend all ingredients to make a paste. I used a blender first which produced something looking akin to what one might expect to find on a pavement late on Friday night. I then transfered it to a jug and used an immersion blender which gave much better results. It doesn't need to be 100% smooth, but you need to get rid of any chucks of hazelnut.


    • 80g Hazelnut Paste
    • 100g Dark Chocolate (I used 70% cocoa Divine)

    1. Melt the chocolate in the way that you normally do
    2. Mix the paste in thoroughly
    3. Leave to chill until hard (I left mine over night in the fridge)
    4. Divide up and roll into balls
    5. Coat with chocolate, chocolate shavings or cocoa
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    Default Re: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    How kind of you to make all those just for me. When shall I call round?

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    Default Re: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    I'll race you! Those look delicious

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    Default Re: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    Those look v v nice! Think I'll try doing some with ground almonds and Amaretto liquer

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    Default Re: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    Sorry Mr Flibble, I can't make it - I'm off to Lincoln

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    Default Re: Pimms & Strawberry Truffles

    Quote Est View Post
    I'll race you! Those look delicious
    LOL EST looked at avatar photo when read your post!!

    Mr Flibble, you really are spoiling us! Look scrummy will attempt these me thinks

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