This year there’s a new field on the block. Nestled in between the Stone Circle and Shangri-La, you’ll find the Dragon Field, which is going to be taken over by the Camp for Climate Action.
This year, the Camp for Climate Action is trying to draw the links between the financial crisis, the climate crisis and the UN talks in Copenhagen at the end of the year, so we’ll be having talks from carbon trading to Kyoto, climate justice to climate science.
But it’s not going to be all learn, learn, learn! It will be a fun space too. There’s going to be a small acoustic music space (the Random Bandstand) where we’ll be inviting special performers from across the festival to come and give intimate guerrilla gigs. There’ll be games and activities, photo exhibits from previous camps and of course, there’ll be optional meetings in the morning for people who want to have an active say in how the field functions.