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Thread: Vegan shops in Portsmouth/Southsea

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    Default Vegan shops in Portsmouth/Southsea

    I'm off to Portsmouth for a day/night tomorrow and was hoping there were vegan friendly shops where we could buy lunch/dinner supplies. I'm supposing there will be a Holland and Barrett but anything else about?

    I've seen a cafe but we are on a very tight budget.

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    Default Re: Vegan shops in Portsmouth/Southsea

    Hmm, no replies the first time, but maybe I will have more luck - any help in regards to being vegan in Portsmouth?
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    Default Re: Vegan shops in Portsmouth/Southsea

    You may want to check out:
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    Default Re: Vegan shops in Portsmouth/Southsea

    i realise this is a very old post, but for reference, the greenhouse kitchen is now Capers and isn't vegan.

    alternatively, you can eat [for VERY little money & amazing food] at Smiles on Marmion Rd, and the Mint Tea Rooms on Castle Rd.

    Garage Lounge on Albert Rd is great for drinks, but currently the only VO is a granola bar - depending on where you stand with honey.

    Cafe Parisien, on Lord Montgomery Way, in the centre of the business/uni hub of Portsmouth sells a few vegan options, all made to order and no nasties.

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