Everyone knows pop corn.
Introducing: pop melon...

Like just about everyone else, I used to toss my melon seeds.
Not anymore.
They can be had, and they're easy and quite nice to have.

You rinse them in a strainer, drop them in a saucepan and heat them. Better cover that saucepan, leaving it ajar for steam to escape through the crack, because soon enough they start popping and jumping all over. .
Keep moving the seeds around with a spatula, and by shaking the saucepan, so they don't stick to the bottom.
The seeds are ready when a lot of popping has been going on. Taste as you go.
Toasted, is what you really want them to be, the popping just indicating doneness.
The seeds are ready when (relatively) soft and palatable.

Like other nuts and seeds, these must be good for you. It also feels nicely frugal, and allows you to avoid burdening the earth with some more waste.