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B12 deficiency: case stories wanted - Page 6

View Poll Results: Have you ever had a B12 deficiency caused by your diet?

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  • Yes, according to my bloodtests, but didn't have any symptoms

    6 2.31%
  • Yes, with mild symptoms that was treated with B12

    12 4.62%
  • Yes, with serious health problems that could be cured

    5 1.92%
  • Yes, with serious, non-curable symtoms (eg. neurological damage)

    1 0.38%
  • Yes, during pregnany, with birth defects as a result

    0 0%
  • No / I don't think so / not tested

    153 58.85%
  • No, not according to my blood tests

    51 19.62%
  • No, not according to my blood tests that also included MMA amd homocysteine tests

    7 2.69%
  • No, but one or more of my meat eating friends have had B-12 defiency

    14 5.38%
  • Yes, before I became a vegan

    5 1.92%
  • Yes, but this may be a result of my B12 / health conditions before I became a vegan

    3 1.15%
  • My B12 levels are in the low normal range, but that doesn't worry me much

    3 1.15%
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Thread: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    Please keep responding to the poll!
    So far, only one person has selected the "Yes, with serious, non-curable symtoms (eg. neurological damage)"-option, and that was a person who got these problems before going vegan.

    For those interested, here's an article from 2008 about "reversible cognitive impairment and P3 abnormalities in B12 deficiency neurological syndromes": http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18350363
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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    I think it would be interesting to know whether all the people that have answered "No, not according to my blood tests that also included MMA amd homocysteine test" are taking supplements or there is someone who isn't.

    I haven't read the whole thread, sorry if this question is already done, in any case it could be good to include this information in the poll.

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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    I have been vegetarian for about 3 years, vegan for 1 year or so. I had blood work done about 6 months ago and my B12 level was 91 (my Vitamin D was also very low - 23). I started taking sublingual supplements like 3-4 times a week and my most recent blood work about a month ago showed that I was up to 491 with my B12. My vitamin D was 16 though, and I have been very dizzy lately usually when I eat. :/ But my B12 is better!

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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    I had a blood test recently because a problem in my foot. Everything was fine, the b12 was nearly 400 (sorry, I forgot the exact amount) and good levels of the others things. I've been vegan for more than 2 years now, vegetarian one year previously and, before that, I used to have meat or fish once a week for a long time, no milk since ages ago and rarely cheese or eggs. I bought a jar of Solgar's b12 at the beginning, but it is still in my cupboard, with some tablets left... I have to say that I had the rest of the tablets mostly at the beginning.
    Ah! About my foot , it was stress fracture, I work as a chef, long hours... Despite that I haven't stop working (they told me it was arthritis, later it took time for a x-ray, and, then I was nearly healed...), and I had a bandage just in the 4th week (bought in a chemist, by the way, apparently I had to wait 10 weeks for had it at the hospital...). I recovered very well.
    I have to say also that last week I rode my bike for 50km. And I use to swim 2 or 3 times a week 1000 m.
    Well, I want to think that I have a healthy body!

    Maybe it is useful as well to say that I am 44, not that young, now!

    Sorry, I realized this is not the thread "Does a healthy body need suplements?" Maybe it would be better to change it.. Apologies!
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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    A recent blood test showed me with low, on the 'not a problem unless it drops further' side, B12.

    That's after 12 years as a vegan. I do smoke quite heavily, drink alcohol moderately and get through totally dum-bassed amounts of coffee though.

    Also consume a lot of onion and garlic which are rumoured to be B12 inhibitors too.

    On the supplement side; Vitamin pills, very irregularly; B12 fortified nutrtional yeast, quite a lot of that.
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    Most of us faced any one of the above symptom as a result of B12 deficiency, it's very common and not a big issue. Our body needs several vitamins for different purpose; all they have different function and balance our health. When any disturbance and imbalance takes place health problems occurs in from of diseases. Everyone should be aware about their quality and composition of food to avoid such diseases. Be careful and take care.

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    Default Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    Mine went down to levels of 65 and I now have permanent neurological damage. I've recently been diagnosed with gastritis and I've read that that can mess up b12 absorption (as it's difficult to absord normally let alone with stomach problems).

    I wish I'd gone for a test earlier. I had one many years ago and it was low then (they didn't tell me the amount). They put me on supplements but the gastritis would've made it difficult to absorb properly.

    Injections help (have to self inject 'cos can only get every 3 months on NHS and I'm bedridden by then) but I go downhill quickly. I always know if I need one when I start dropping things, my balance goes and my spacial awareness is worse.

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