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    If anyone ever considers traveling north to the central portion of the wonderful Upper Peninsula of Michigan and needs a source for Vegan options the Marquette Food Co-Op is your answer!

    They offer a myriad of organically grown fruits and vegetables that are raised here in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan. They also offer many alternative natural remedies and supplements for those who wish to avoid over-the-counter remedies that some may have negative side-effects.

    The Marquette Food Co-Op will not leave you stranded without your Vegan food selections.

    Take Care & Peace!

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    I've been there!

    It proved to be a really nice visit. A vegan friend got married there, and even the cake was vegan. Good times.

    Apparently, there's also a place near there that make vegan pasties. Do you know about it? I never got to try them.
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