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    sweet balls of Sesame seeds ( laddu of sesame seeds) :-

    just put out 250 gm. sesame seeds in a pan and heat it. Stir it in between.
    now you can syrup of brown sugar/jaggery by heating it with some water.
    now pour all sesame seeds in to that. syrup should not be more than enough to be soaked by sesame seeds.
    Now, you are in position to make small sweet balls out of this. Let it dry bit. then show their ways..mmm.

    You can add grated coconut too.

    In India it is called as "Til/Tal ke laddu".


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    oops !

    Korn pls help to shift my postings to right thread.


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    Mmmm - that recipe sounds delicious Manish. Next time I go grocery shopping, I will buy the ingredients to cook this

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