"Ming Ri Ye originated in volcanic mountain region of Japan, most of which were grown in Ba Zhang Island. It is a kind of herbaceous plant, commonly known as Fan Yang Grass. After Nagasaki was hit by atomic bomb, it is the first plant to sprout.
This is why the Japanese Agricultural Department gave importance to and make study on this plant. Based on the investigation report prepared by the Japanese Food Center, the plant contains elements of germanium, as well as various vitamins and minerals. It is currently very popular in Japan and also known as "Present Day Peach Blossom" and is exported to USA. In Taiwan, much effort was put in nurturing and popularizing this plant. Ming Ri Ye is rich in germanium, vitamins and minerals. In the olden days, it is used to prevent troubles of the vital organs of the human body, and is specially helpful to the liver function and gastro, hypertension, diabetes, fat in blood, uric acid, black spots, freckles, acne. Ming Ri Ye also has Vitamin B12 element that can help the flow of blood and eliminate impurities in blood vessels. The plant is grown organically, free from pesticides, chemical additives and coloring."

To me this Taiwanese site doesn't seem like a very reliable source, simply due to their brief description of what B12 does - but I might be wrong.