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Thread: vegan creme eggs any recipes?

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    Default vegan creme eggs any recipes?

    Hello I want to make a vegan version of a creme egg, does anyone know how to make a fondant filling?

    All tyhe recipes online seem to need corn syrup or inverted sugar. I not sure where to get either of these.

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    Default Re: vegan creme eggs any recipes?

    You could try:

    Glucose is in supermarkets (though mostly around christmas) and generally in cookery shops the rest of the year.
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    Default Re: vegan creme eggs any recipes?

    I'm looking forward to making those again. I still haven't perfected chocolate tempering though, but that could be because I only have a rather rubbish jam thermometer As Mr F says, glucose syrup can be found in supermarkets, in the baking section.

    Apparently, you can make fondant filling using cream of tartar... there are a few recipes on the internet though I haven't tried them. fondant recipe

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