I just wondered if any of the gardeners bought commercial compost and if so which you have found to be the best for growing veg etc.?

I am having a go at growing some veg in containers this year, having not done it for a few years, and have bought 3 different kinds of compost from the Organic Gardening Catalogue. I believe they are all vegan; two are peat-free and the other contains "reclaimed" peat. I have used up the reclaimed peat one and have opened one that is based on coir, it has a rather odd texture and pong and I feel a bit sceptical that anything will grow in it but I planted some seeds anyway.

I suppose I should do a proper trial growing the same thing in the three composts shouldn't I?

I do make my own but I haven't got any more that's ready at the moment and anyway I don't think you can use unadulterated home-made compost as a growing medium can you?