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Thread: baking tofu or other methods

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    I went to whole foods this week and they had this AMAZING tofu, strawberry and snap pea salad with oils of course.... so i decided to try to make it. Their tofu was dark brown and "baked (?) to a spongy consistency.. I'm not sure how they do it. I marinated mine with hoisin garlic glaze and it just burned in the oven. I don't know how to perfect it... HELP!!! theirs was more than just outer flavor... it was brown to the core. did the marinate it after baking too?

    grrrrrr..... vegan can be so hard sometimes when you really crave something

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    I dont' bake tofu except on the rare occasions that I freeze and thaw it first to get it *really* spongy.

    What I normally do to get my tofu to really rock is this:

    1) Acquire high quality, FIRM tofu (usually coagulated with *nigari*)
    2) Chop it up, and then let it sit in tamari sauce cut with equal parts water and a splash of oil
    3) PAN FRY the tofu on medium to medium high in oil. Pan fry until golden brown. Add tamari toward towards the end, and it will turn the tofu dark brown.

    Serve. Eat. Enjoy.

    The kids love this.
    context is everything

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    oh wow thank you, I had never heard of freezing it.

    I tried some WildWood extra firm tofu and it seemed to be perfect (until it got burnt)... you have a favorite brand? I'll check out that xtra ingredient you mentioned.... in fact I'm going to trek to the store right now!

    I only have generic olive oil... i know, meh... but this ok to use?

    how do you freeze? do you throw the package-as is in the icebox? drain and pressn cube before?

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