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Thread: New vegan tips?

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    Question New vegan tips?

    Hey gang!
    I've attempted Veganism several times but succumbed to cravings during pregnancy. I really don't feel comfortable living vegan most of the time and want to fully commit. Any tips that you found helpful on your journey that helped you stay on ur chosen vegan path? Particularly regarding chocolate cravings and eating out, my biggest downfall area.Or any in general. Ur help is really appreciated. Thx!

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    Default Re: New vegan tips?

    Any tips that you found helpful on your journey that helped you stay on ur chosen vegan path?
    I just found your thread, and realized that it hadn't received any response yet - sorry about that!

    Some essential tips:
    Make sure you make/buy/eat vegan food you really enjoy.
    If you have cravings, this could simply be due to old habits - or you could be missing eg. B12 (important during pregnancy) or eg. protein.
    Re. chocolate cravings - either just 'witness' them - or have some chocolate. There's lots of vegan chocolate out there...
    Finally - if you experience 'slips' - just move on and go back to eating what you really want.
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    Hi Hippyvegan
    Sorry! I should have replied sooner.

    A mistake I made when I first went vegan (1996) was assuming that some foods were 'bound to be suitable for vegans' when in fact they weren't. I tried giving another vegan a carton of fruit juice (pineapple + coconut) not realising that it also contained milk. Yuk. Also, I was eating my usual muesli for a while (can't remember if it was Co-op or Morrisons) before I realised that the banana chips were honey coated. In fact honey tends to be the 'sneaky' ingredient because it's often listed in the middle of a load of other ingredients and doesn't (as far as I am aware) need to be highlighted as an allergen. Ingredients do occasionally change for products ("now with added beef gelatine, yummy, yummy") so it's best to recheck ingredients every now and then, just to be sure they're ok for you. Any doubts (especially with flavourings), contact the manufacturer.


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    Default Re: New vegan tips?

    I found the best way to fight cravings was to ensure I was never hungry. I never brought enough food to work with me, and at the end of the day I was having some pretty insane cravings for pizza or hamburgers. Once I started bringing more than enough food to work, I stopped thinking about eating I don't notice the cravings so much anymore. The smell of bacon is the only one that still gets my attention

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    I went vegan overnight. One day I ate anything I want and the next day I was vegan. For me, it was really easy because I can't allow myself to contribute to animal cruelty and suffering anymore. There is no excuse and think of it this way, if you are craving milk chocolate and you imagine the thousands of dairy cows milked like machines all their lives, do you still really want that milk chocolate?or you think about the baby cow that was dragged away from her mother within days of her birth and made into veal, can you happily eat that milk chocolate?

    But I guess what you need are practical tips: things that really help me stay vegan and really truly LOVE being vegan is the variety of food I get to eat. I never stop trying new food. When I was an omni I was a really boring eater, I ate the same thing all the time. Now that I am a vegan, I eat so much variety of food, I am never bored. So, ironically people say that being a vegan is restrictive, for me it is the opposite - it totally open up my world so much more in regards to food.

    Another thing that really help is to tell people before you dine with them. Tell them that you are vegan. Most people will respect your choice and will accommodate you. This way, it is easier for you to be vegan during dinner time, at dinner parties, or dining out. The more people know that you are vegan, the easier it will be for them to accommodate your choice or provide you with a vegan option. I never have to say no to work dinners, I just make sure whoever is the organizer knows that I am vegan ahead of time, so she or he will have time to make sure the chef makes something for me.

    lastly, never give up if you make a mistake. Mistakes happen to the best of us. But just because you slip today, doesn't mean you are no longer a vegan. Acknowledge that you made the mistake, dust yourself of, and continue to be a vegan. The worst thing you can do is to say that you are not a vegan because you made a few mistakes. Veganism is not about being perfect, it is about intention - your intent to cause the least amount of suffering for animals as much as possible. If that is your intention, you are vegan. Of course, making a mistake is not the same as cheating. You will know if you are cheating or not. For me, the difference is in knowledge - if you drank vegetable soup that you didn't know was made with chicken broth, then you made a mistake. If you drank the same soup next time knowing that it is made with chicken broth, then you knowingly cheated. Still, even if you cheat once in a while, it is not an all or nothing lifestyle, never give up.

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