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    If your Kid is a picky eater, if children's nutrition is a concern in your household, you are not alone. Many parents are distressed by their kids nutritions needs. Time and your help will help your kid grow out of this phase. What you serve your kids will determine their lifelong eating preferences.
    Research shows that the more you serve a food, the more likely your kids are to eat it. even if they don't touch it for a long time. Eating, just like everything else in your toddler’s life, is a learned experience. provides huge recipes for kids.

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    Default Re: Recipes for kids

    Not at all a vegan site. Not interested.
    the only animal ingredient in my food is cat hair

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    My kids are happy with the vegan food I feed them.
    They are thriving.
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    I think the site is a good idea but vegans are likely to be put off by the fact that they see a lot of dairy-based recipes when they go on to it.

    There are actually quite a lot of vegan recipes on there if you type "vegan" into the search engine. It might be more appealing to vegans if there were a separate vegan section.

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    Try spring rolls. Its a nice way to trick your children to eat vegetables. middle of page
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    How about vegan kids sharing their recipes on a vegan kids website run by vegan kids?

    My 10 year old has just started a vegan/veggie website for kids by kids. It's all vegan though welcomes veggies and others of course. She's looking for on-line vegan kids to join her in building the content - would any of yours be interested? No technical expertise necessary - just creative & writing ability. Favourite recipes would be great too.


    x Sophie

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    My three year old is currently into batman and the other superheroes, so at the moment I'm using the "Batman eats all his vegetables to grow big and strong" technique! Hopefully it'll work a little while longer!

    (although not all batman imitations are so good, he accidentally threw a cushion onto my houseplant and killed it, during a re-enactment of fight in an episode...)

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