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Thread: Has Manna restaurant gone vegan?

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    Default Has Manna restaurant gone vegan?

    The last time I went to Manna restaurant in Primrose Hill it was a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options. I was just looking on their web site and their menu appears to be entirely vegan now. Some dishes such as the chefs salad used to have feta cheese and offer marinated tofu as a vegan option now only has the marinated tofu. Good news it they have seen the light and gone vegan.

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    Default Re: Has Manna restaurant gone vegan?

    Yup, I followed them on twitter and it was confirmed - now 100% vegan!

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    Default Re: Has Manna restaurant gone vegan?

    I went there for an American Thanksgiving meal last fall. I think it was all vegan then (our set meal was for sure, but I'm pretty sure the rest of the menu was vegan as well). Our meal was really nice! And I liked the ambiance of the restaurant. It was a bit too expensive for your average meal out, but it's a nice place for a fancier meal out.

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