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Thread: B12 in finger root (Boesenbergia pandurata, krachai, Chinese ginger)?

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    Default B12 in finger root (Boesenbergia pandurata, krachai, Chinese ginger)?

    According to this and other sites about Thai food, finger root contains B12:

    Finger Root [kra-chai] : The fresh plump roots have strong aroma and are juicy. Peel away the thin brown skin and wash thoroughly to reduce their strong flavour before cooking. The benefit of Finger Root is to dispel gas and can help with digestion and colic. Rhizome also contains many vitamins such as vitamin A, B12 and calcium

    I haven't seen and studies meaasuring exactly how much B12 that has been found in finger roots (or the ratio between active, bioavailable B12 and inactive B12 analogues)... anyone else?
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