Are you, or someone you know, being held back by something in life? Iím a professional coach and qualified in the use of several powerful change techniques to help you quickly and easily get rid of the things you donít want, and replace them with more of the things you do want! I offer telephone sessions to people all over the UK to help overcome:

Anxiety and depression
Fears or phobias
Lost confidence
Health conditions or pain
Relationship difficulties
Addictions and smoking
Childrenís issues
Unwanted memories or past trauma
Weight or food issues
Goal setting and improvements
Finding purpose and direction

My brochure gives you the information you need to decide if we could work well together:

Why not give me a call for a free, no-obligation chat? Iím looking forward to it!

+44 (0)7736 280947

MInst LM, AAMET L2 EFT Prac, L3 EFT Prac, Cert Bus Prac NLP, Prac DiSC, Prac AMSP, fully insured.