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    Long story short, I'm moving to Stirling in a little over a month and thought I'd post here to scope out whether there is any sort of vegan scene in the area. I did ok getting food when we were just there for a visit, but if there's anywhere more than ok I'd be keen to hear about it. For example, is there a health food shop around? (I don't eat a huge amount of vegan cheese and whatever, but being able to get it without going into Edinborough would be great) And is there much going on activist-wise? (regular demos and so on) I've been kind of retired from that side of things for a few years but could be tempted back
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    I lived there long, long ago.

    When I visited in 2006 there was a tiny little health food shop.
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    You should get a reply shortly. I've notified someone who knows the place well that you're looking for information

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    Hi! My vegan family (me, husband, son (Darmok the Green on this forum) (24) and daughter (21)) lives in Dunblane, which is about 7 miles from Stirling. Stirling has an independent health food shop as well as a Holland and Barrett.
    I have a group, Scottish Vegans, which is a Yahoo group, but also has occasional stalls etc. We also have roughly monthly potluck lunches in each other's homes. Our next one is on Sunday, 1st August in Edinburgh. If you're intersted in joining Scottish Vegans, go to
    Also, Ethical Voice for Animals has regular demos in Edinburgh.


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