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    Hi there, I am new to this forum as I have only just turned vegan so this is my first post!!

    I have a 3 month old baby, and I have started thinking about when the time comes for me to wean her and I have noticed none of the supermarkets have vegan baby food at all. I see a lot of shepards pie, lasagne meat casserole e.t.c I dont mind making all her meals at home from scratch, but I wanted to know whether any of you would buy vegan baby food if it was available in supermarkets e.t.c?

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    hi Monique. I have a two and a half year old who has been vegan from birth. 95% of the time she eats food I have made myself but there are a couple of vegan options you can buy in the supermarket. Ella's Kitchen (I think it is called that) has a Vegetable and Lentil Bake and some kind of Bean thing. There are quite a few fruit based puddings and in the glass jars there were some vegetable options that are suitable for vegans. Sorry I can't be more specific about this but my daughter was so used to home made food that if we went out and I tried to feed her a ready made vegan babyfood she generally refused it! Mostly if we went out and took food we took an avocado and some homemade yoghurt made from silken tofu, plain alpro and fresh fruit. The plain alpro is great now for making yoghurt as it has vitamins added which it didn't until very recently. I hope this helps

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    Organix do some baby stuff suitable for 4months+:

    They also do fruit purees and snacks. Tesco have quite a big range.

    Maybe it's worth seeking out a decent independant health food shop, they might have a better/more suitable range?

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