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Thread: "Debbie does B12" (from a raw food blog)

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    Default "Debbie does B12" (from a raw food blog)

    Here are two blog articles written by Debbie Took, a near/ex(?) raw vegan about her experiences with B12.

    Debbie Does B12 Pt 1 (Do I Care?)
    Debbie Does B12 Pt 2 (Dilemmas)
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    Default Re: "Debbie does B12" (from a raw food blog)

    hmmmm, very interesting pt1 - thanks korn.
    debbie talks through her concerns very clearly i think.

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    Default Re: "Debbie does B12" (from a raw food blog)

    I don't understand why some people who have concerns regarding B12 find it a better option to consume even small amounts of animal products rather than supplementing with B12? Surely consuming dairy/eggs has other negative effects i.e. cholesterol etc.

    Having just been told that my test for intrinsic factor was normal I have been given B12 tablets to take. I am also trying to eat more vegan foods that have been fortified with B12 i.e. soya milk, yogurt etc in an effort to perhaps stopping the tablets eventually.
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