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Thread: Confused about spirulina?

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    Default Confused about spirulina?

    I've been taking a shot of spirulina each day (1 teaspoon in a little water).

    I keep reading that B12 analogues do more harm than good, so should I go easier on it, or even omit it altogether?

    These days, I take a B12 supplement occasionally as part of a multivitamin and have some B12-fortified foods like soy milk and yeast extract. I doubt I get 100% of the RDA on a daily basis, so want to 'preserve' what B12 I do get.

    Thanks in advance

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    Default Re: Confused about spirulina?

    Hi loveganism,
    Have you looked at the B12 and B12 analogues in multivitamins, animal foods and spirulina-thread yet?
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