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    Adverts on TV don't normally get to me (partly as I have Sky+ and don't usually see them) But I have just seen this latest adverd for ASDA extra special one minute the farmer is stroking his cows and saying how much he loves them, the next minute he's carving up it's bloody carcass for his kids. Does anyone else find this a bit sick? I think we have a long way to go if this doesn't make people ask themselves some questions.

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    'Lo Escalarmes

    Very little in marketing is accidental.

    There seems to have been a recent push to re-identify meat with the animals it comes from which is pretty much a reversal of the marketing strategy in play for as long as I can remember.

    It is possible that the flesh peddlars have identified that ongoing veg*n campaigns to re-identify meat with animal suffering are having effect.

    I suspect that because the current marketing push is kinda along the lines of "by eating OUR meat you are bringing happiness (NOT suffering like those kill joy carrot crunchers would have you believe) to cows".
    All done in the best possible taste ...

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    You're exactly right escarmalanes. I cannot remember ever meeting anybody who said "I hate animals so that's why I feel ok about eating them". There must be some people who do hate animals but the overwhelming majority love animals to a greater or lesser degree. Most people are not intrinsically bad (don't think I was when I was an omni) so how can they carry on eating them?

    It's easy to think that people are selfish and just want to carry on eating meat because of the taste and that may be true. I think other strong factors are inertia and fear. Inertia because eating meat is what they and those around them have always done and people can be very resistant to making fundamental changes. Fear because their food choices to date (and their choices may have lead them to eat really crap food) have so far kept them alive. Can they carry on living while eating only animal free food? Even if they have health issues, they probably don't necessarily link them to the (crap) food they eat.


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