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Thread: Levi Roots Chilli Nuts

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    Default Levi Roots Chilli Nuts

    I've just discovered Levi Roots Chilli cashews and peanuts. I love them! I don't like nuts very much but I love spices so thought I'd give them a try and they were lovely. Think they'll become my weekly treat!
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    I bought them recently too, i think from home bargains or somewhere, they were ok but i think they'd be better if they were just cashew nuts and not the peanuts in 'em

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    Default Re: Levi Roots Chilli Nuts

    I absolutely Levi Roots and I've never even met the man!

    These nuts are amazing! I also love his carribean curry cooking sauce and reggae reggae tomato ketchup ~ both completely vegan
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    Default Re: Levi Roots Chilli Nuts

    aw yeah..i had a packet of these a month or so back, most nommish
    ahronli sed ah dunit so thid tek thuh cheyus graytuh offa mi nihbles

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