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    Default Moving to New York

    I am likely moving to New York permanently in February next year, to take a job in Midtown.

    I see there is already a thread on New York restaurants for visitors. Access to restaurants is good, but the primary reason for this thread, is that I would like to know where the best areas are to live for a vegan? (rental budget ~$3500/m)

    I currently live in California - when I go shopping, I usually just drive less than 5 minutes to a nearby Trader Joes or Wholefoods and buy what I need. In New York driving is probably not going to happen, and there don't seem to be too many WF/TJ in Manhattan.

    So, what do NY vegans do? Do they try to live close to WF/TJ? Are there alternatives to WF/TJ that I should know about? Are there cetain areas or subway routes that have easy access to WF/TJ? Are there areas with mom & pop style vegan stores? Do people just eat out more? etc.

    Any advice is welcome - thanks!

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    Default Re: Moving to New York

    Tons of WF in Manhattan, I think there are 9. There is a massive Fairways in Harlem, a few TJs as well, both in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Fairways in Brooklyn too, plus stacks of smaller independent health food shops, farmer's markets and even supermarkets are more vegan friendly of late, many have organic produce as well.
    You will have no problem getting an apartment in Brooklyn for well under $ 3500 if that is your budget. No problem getting a nice two bedroom in a great area like Dyker Heights for $ 1500. Manhattan is it's own world however, and skies the limit. I bet there are places on the Upper East Side ( snobby ville, home of the fur coat set ) that would go for $ 20,000.

    Best wishes in your search.

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    Default Re: Moving to New York

    Plus you have the Chelsea market and, in warm weather, the Union Square farmer's market. New York City has TONS of different ethnic stores that have all sorts of vegan goodies for you to discover. I so envy you moving there. I was born and raised in NY and I miss it every day.

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