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Thread: Shark fin soup under scrutiny here in the USA

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    Default Shark fin soup under scrutiny here in the USA

    Soup Without Fins? Some Californians Simmer

    Published: March 5, 2011

    SAN FRANCISCO — As the proprietor of Chung Chou City, a packed-to-the-gills dried seafood emporium in Chinatown here, Anna Li presides over barrels full of coveted ingredients like dried shrimp eggs and scallops and fried fish stomachs.
    *see link above for entire NY Times article*

    So some are drawing lines in the food chain again..and making more stupid statements like: "Eliminating shark’s fin soup, he said, would cost waiters tips and cost the restaurant profits."
    “The practice of shark’s fin soup has been in our culture for thousands of years,” he said. “There ought to be a way to find a balance between the environment and preserving culture and heritage.” should we preserve the culture of beheadings in public...

    Why do these omnivores refuse to see the crime in the torture of ALL animals?
    This proves meat makes you severely retarded!!

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    Default Re: Shark fin soup under scrutiny here in the USA

    Horrible isn't it? I read recently that there is a campaign in China (Hong Kong I think) to get this practice banned, so maybe if that gets anywhere Chinese communities abroad will think again.

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