Hi all,

I'm attending a games convention in Edinburgh next (not this) weekend, and the organisers have decided to do a vegan gamer/geek meetup with me as the host! You don't have to be a member of the convention to attend. You just have to meet up outside the Teviot Row House Students Union in Bristo Square at 6:15pm on the Saturday night and look for someone who looks like the bloke in my user pic, albeit now with slightly shorter hair. (Which would be me).

Vegan Gamers & Geeks Meet-Up

On the Saturday at 6:15pm there will be a Vegan Gamers & Geeks Meet-Up for an evening meal. Jonny Nexus, Britain’s foremost humour games writer (and vegan!), will be there so it’s a chance to go out with friendly fellow vegan gamers & geeks. There should be enough time for a good meal for those that want to head back to Teviot for the Ceilidh at 8pm.

Vegan restaurants in Edinburgh can be found here. The nearest to the convention are Forest Cafe (Bristo Place), Ann Purna and Kalpna (St Patrick’s Square), Suruchi and Ayutthaya (Nicolson Street).

The plan is to meet up outside the front door of Teviot at 6:15 and then decide on meal plans.

It would be really cool if any Edinburgh based peeps could attend. If you think you might know someone who might fancy it please let them know. And if you are coming, it would be cool if you could email me on jonny@jonnynexus.com just to let me know.