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Thread: Vegan book #1 on Amazon (Feb 2011)

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    Default Vegan book #1 on Amazon (Feb 2011)

    Who Was #1 on Amazon Last Week? Hint: She's a Veganist
    (Feb 7th, 2011)

    Best-selling author Kathy Freston's new book, Veganist: Lose Weight, Get Healthy, Change the World, was #1 on Amazon for most of last week. It details the tremendous physical and environmental benefits of a vegan diet in shocking but ultimately affirming terms. During her visit to the Oprah Show to lead the Harpo Vegan Challenge, she took some time to talk about these remarkable benefits.

    But it's not just Kathy. In its new Dietary Guidelines, the USDA talks up vegetables: "Vegetarian-style eating patterns have been associated with improved health outcomes, lower levels of obesity, reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and lower mortality."
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    Default Re: Vegan book #1 on Amazon (Feb 2011)

    I LOVED this book. I have been gone from these forums for a while because I wasn't a true vegan. I was struggling a little (not because I didn't care) but I guess I just didn't want to put in the full effort yet. I read this book and the reasons she gave were truly inspiring from global warming, the starving, animal rights, your health, religion, etc. So yesterday I went out and re-bought all my food in vegan form and today I am starting up again, this time forever

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    Default Re: Vegan book #1 on Amazon (Feb 2011)

    I really hate the title of that book (it's the same as the Dutch word for someone that is actually vegan). And I dislike the author as well, she promoted the use of honey in the recipe she did on Oprah's 'vegan' challenge. Way to screw up.

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    Default Re: Vegan book #1 on Amazon (Feb 2011)

    It sounds like an interesting book. Thanks Korn. I'll keep an eye.
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