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Thread: Any SF Fans on here? (Eastercon, this weekend, Midlands)

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    Default Any SF Fans on here? (Eastercon, this weekend, Midlands)

    Hi all,

    Next weekend (Easter weekend) I'll be at Eastercon, which is the British national science-fiction convention. It's at a hotel near the NEC.

    If you're in the area, you can just visit for the day. I've been to three previous Eastercons, and I've really enjoyed them.

    But the reason I'm posting here is because I'm co-hosting a vegan/vegetarian meetup on the Friday night at 10:30pm, in the Churchill room. If any of you are at Eastercon, please drop by and say hi. It would be really cool to meet other vegan SFers.

    Hope to see some of you.

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    Default Re: Any SF Fans on here? (Eastercon, this weekend, Midlands)

    Sounds good, we'll be at Act III next weekend, a Dr Who convention in Chesham. My son always dresses as the Doctor . We wanted to get to the Red Dwarf event aswell this year but couldn't do both in the end. Have a great Eastercon! .

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    Default Re: Any SF Fans on here? (Eastercon, this weekend, Midlands)

    I would like to have gone but I'm working.
    I'm not a big SF fan (I like a few TV shows like Haven and V) but I've started to really get into SF books recently (The name of the wind - Pat Rothfuss, The Amber wizard - David Forbes, The last wish - Andrzej Sapkowski) but my boss has got me working (without pay - Im getting extra leave instead).
    Maybe next year...

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    Default Re: Any SF Fans on here? (Eastercon, this weekend, Midlands)

    Huuuuuuge Sci-Fi and fantasy fan here.

    I've noticed that a lot of the vegans I talk to via twitter are also sci-fi fans, I'm not sure that would stand up to scrutiny, but there does seem to be a correlation.

    Would be lovely to go, but can't really justify the cost at the moment. Have lots of fun though
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