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Thread: Students want more vegan options

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    Default Students want more vegan options

    Students form petition

    An excerpt:

    University students teamed up last week with peta2, a young adult division of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, to draft a petition seeking the expansion of vegetarian and vegan options available through University Dining.

    The students exceeded their goal of obtaining 400 signatures the first day, receiving a total of 497 signatures. Fourth-year College student Ashley Chappo, an opinion columnist for The Cavalier Daily, helped mobilize support for the petition through her column “A fur-vent debate,” which encouraged students to become more educated about animal rights. Shortly after Chappo’s column was published March 2, Peta2 contacted her about founding a student organization for animal rights at the University. Peta2, headquartered in Norfolk, Va., sent its campus outreach team to Charlottesville to help students write the petition.

    Chappo asserted in an interview that dining locations need healthier food options, citing a recent survey conducted by ARAMARK, a leading food-service provider that serves the University, in addition to more than 400 campuses in the United States and Canada. The survey found that one in four college students actively seek out vegan options when they sit down to eat. In support of this finding, Ryan Huling, senior college campaign coordinator for peta2, noted that while traveling to a variety of colleges and universities across the country, students have shown a increased interest in vegetarian alternatives.

    “Students are becoming increasingly educated about cruelty for killing animals for food,” Huling said.

    Currently, there are vegan and vegetarian stations in each University dining room, and on “Meat-Free Monday,” Dining provides an additional vegan or vegetarian option. Tofu and vegan burgers always are available upon request in every dining location.

    The student supporters of the petition and peta2, however, do not believe the current offerings include a substantial amount and variety of vegetarian and vegan choices.
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    Default Re: Students want more vegan options

    My college has vegan and vegetarian options, and they usually label things as such, but they have the same things every day. Crappy salad bar, undercooked pasta, and occasionally a vegan soup. I tried to get out of the meal plan at the beginning of this year (since I never eat there because I've been a member of the student run vegetarian co-op for the previous two years), but they said that if I can support my claim that they can't provide me with adequate nutrition then my request would be considered.

    I stopped there because it's apparently really difficult to get out of the meal plan, even for a friend of mine who was allergic to everything. I've eaten there about five times this year, but I paid maybe four thousand dollars.

    I've left them comment cards asking for more options, and for things to be labeled better, but it doesn't work. Apparently the head chef there is vegan, but you'd never know it. I wish I had thought to have a petition. Maybe next year. (Though I'll be living off campus and finally without a meal plan.)

    P.S. They had a Christmas dinner in December and I went with some friends but NOTHING was labeled (not even for allergies), and even the potatoes and green beans had butter, which I only knew because I interrupted a very busy worker and asked. So I turned right around and left. I felt so betrayed. They knew there were vegan students and students with allergies!
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    Default Re: Students want more vegan options

    Cricket, you should come to my school I love my university(DePauw)! We almost always have vegan options in the theme bars everyday. I just over-stuffed myself with vegan blackbean burger, seitan stir-fry, spinach lentil soup, some salad, brown rice with grilled cauliflower and steamed carrots. And vegan pb rice krispie for dessert as a choice SO awesome

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    Default Re: Students want more vegan options

    Aw, I'd love more vegan options. The only one we have at my uni is a hare krishna cart, which is really nice but isn't there on fridays and gets a bit old after having it 4 days a week...

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    Default Re: Students want more vegan options

    At my university, we've got what we call a "cafeteria" (cafétéria) where we can buy french fries, sandwiches and stuff like that. Last year, a vegetarian sandwich has been added to the menu but before that, the only things we could eat was french fries and the small salads. There were larger salads but always with cheese...
    There's also what we call "students restaurant" (restaurant universitaire) which is bigger than the cafeteria (at the cafet', you just buy your food and go, at the restaurant, you can sit and eat) and since last year too, vegetarian options were added but mainly for health (and somewhat religious, because it's less complicated to get rid of all meat products than to choose a meat accepted in every religion) reasons; anyway I think we will soon have vegan options too.

    So for now, I'm still cooking my own lunch!
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