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    Default tropical vegetables

    Hi! I'm a newbie here.

    Was actually trying to find a source of vegetable seeds for tropical climates.

    We have an NGO here in Belize at Falconview Tourist Backpackers Adventure Hostel called the Belize Development Trust. We do many things, but right now we have started a Hydroponics Vegetable Research Project intended to show that you can grow vegetables every week of the year for urban poverty families. We are about a month and a half into it and so far, self sufficient in Ice lettuce with seeds from Florida and radishs. Waiting on our tomatos and bell sweet peppers to see what happens? We plan to go through a year of trials. We are planting five vegetables a week, and want to do it all year round. Lot of rain lately.
    Our business is tourism though and we operate an adventure hostel. to finance our other community projects. Vegetable growing is the latest and been on the drawing boards for several years.
    We can't buy vegetable seeds in Belize. There are no choices and wonder if anybody can suggest any for our climate. We are 600 feet above sea level. Our dry season is March, April, May and the worse hot humid rainy months are June and July.

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    Default Re: tropical vegetables

    Hello - it might be worth your getting in touch with Henry Doubleday, the organic horticulture and agriculture people. If they can't help with seeds they might know someone who can:

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    here in pr we can grow just about anything, but i have 4 avacado trees, and many different herbs on my patio now!! i would highly suggest (depending on your soil and space) trees and roots.

    here fruit trees (avacado, papaya, mango, plantain, banana, etc.) and root (potato, carrot, batata, yucca, etc.) flourish. and you don't have to keep on them too much!

    i am learning more about permaculture now, and i am TRYING to get a seed swap together. maybe we can send some down!!

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    Yes now a days the hydroponics vegetable has great worth and i would appreciate that you research on that, there are many stores as well who tells you about hydroponics and aeroponics,they have large collection of items which are require in hydroponics i can give you the name of store, the store name is coasthydroponics and you can also visit there website

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