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Thread: "The Saturday Interview: George Laraque on his new image"

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    Default "The Saturday Interview: George Laraque on his new image"

    The Saturday Interview: Georges Laraque on his new image

    An excerpt:
    Take the notion that vegans are a sickly, skinny bunch. A lot of people who talk about veganism or vegetarianism are small and skinny, Mr. Laraque said, and this can turn off potential converts. At 6-foot-3, 280 pounds, Mr. Laraque is anything but malnourished. He was moved to embrace veganism in 2009 after seeing the documentary Earthlings about animal abuse.

    He skipped team outings to steakhouses and was occasionally teased by teammates, who would give him a handful of grass and say it was dinner. He managed to cut out all animal products and maintain his size and strength, and since hanging up his skates he has added 30 pounds.

    The film also inspired him to take part in animal-rights demonstrations, protesting the fur industry. He would give talks extolling the virtues of veganism and decrying the environmental impact of livestock farming.
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    Default Re: "The Saturday Interview: George Laraque on his new image"

    Can't say I'd heard of him, but good for him! (Although they can't really credit a vegan diet for his height unless he's grown a lot in the past couple of years )

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