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Thread: Vegan Boy to Rollerblade Dressed as Chicken to Raise Funds for Animals

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    14 year old Chris, youth contact for EVOLVE! Campaigns, a UK based animal advocacy organisation, becomes Buglet the Blading Chicken to raise funds for a struggling animal sanctuary.

    Please spread the word and support Chris with his enterprising fundraiser!

    On 29 May 2011, Chris will be rollerblading four miles, dressed up as a big yellow chicken to raise much needed funds for Tower Hill Stables Animal Sanctuary (

    Chris, a vegan, has been an animal lover all of his life and loves trying to raise money to help animal sanctuaries. Last year he cycled 20 miles in aid of a different sanctuary and managed to raise nearly 3000.

    "I was trying to think of something quirky and thought a rollerblading bright yellow chicken would be eye-catching," Chris says.

    "I really want to help raise funds for Tower Hill Stables because I know how hard Fiona works looking after all the unwanted animals on her own. She works every single day of the year and hasn't had a holiday in well over a decade and this isn't even her paid job," he adds.

    To find out more and be able to sponsor Chris online, please go here:


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