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Thread: Seen on CNBC: factory farm feed prices

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    Default Seen on CNBC: factory farm feed prices

    So CNBC had a report this morning about how factory farms are struggling with higher costs and Tyson, who buys from these farms, has the Chipotle restaurants as a major customer. Chipotle has a policy of only using anti-biotic free meat so the farms who raise these types of chickens can only sell the dark meat part and the rest of it they don't know what to do with.

    Of course throughout this "report" is a bunch of factory farm footage which I don't know how anyone could look at without feeling sick, but of course, no one on my trading floor seems to notice. Those chickens were packed in so tightly, eating from these narrow bins of food and practically tripping over each other.

    I hope I got the corporate relationship right because I was struggling to keep up with the closed captioning :-P

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    Default Re: Seen on CNBC: factory farm feed prices

    I hope that the higher costs force the factory farms to go out of business. =D! I am so evilly angellic. I would be considered evil to an omnivore.

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