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    Hi all. I'm trying to veganize several of my favorite dessert recipes, and when I google for them (e.g. "vegan brioche"; "vegan frosting" etc) most of the recipes call for vegan margarine. I do not want to buy any more highly processed foods than I have to, so I would like to make my own. How can I do this?

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    How about using virgin coconut oil, which I believe is solid at room temp and also meant to be quite healthy. As long as you like the taste of coconut, that is!
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    I think for brioche (if we are talking about the sweet dough that makes soft baked goods) you could probably just use oil instead of fat. You would have to look at the fat content of margarine (I think somewhere between 75 to 85%) and replace the weight of the margarine with oil + water and not just oil because you would increase the fat content otherwise.

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    Thanks for the suggestions, guys-- I hadn't even experimented much with oil yet, and I didn't even think of coconut oil!

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