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Thread: BunnyGo online veggie map & guide

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    Talking BunnyGo online veggie map & guide
    The beta version of this website is ready to take you to yummy vegan-friendly places all over the UK and beyond! Free sharing of info to make the world a friendlier place.
    Search the interactive map online or use the free BunnyGo iphone app.
    BunnyGo has grown from the ActiVeg Network, which is a network of over 60 veggie sites. So, it's the hard work of veggie activists.
    We are also working with the big Animal organisations, such as Animal Aid and Viva to ensure those companies that support the vegetarian community are not forgotten. BunnyGo can be updated by vegans and veggies everywhere, including you.
    It holds more different kinds of data than any other guide (including town descriptions, local groups, caterers, venues for hire, as well as the usual), is mapped interactively, and is open and shareable. Anyone can use it and its data.

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    NIce resource, thanks for the info.

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    What a brilliant idea, I'll definitely use it.

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    There's a few vegan related apps doing the rounds at the moment, unfortunately most of them are from the US so aren't much use, the ones from the UK tend to not have much information in them - this looks like a good start but again the content has a long way to go.

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