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Thread: (How) Do You Save Energy?

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    Whalespace would love to see a video of your contraption working!

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I should have filmed the turbine when it was flying in the woods, I had the camera, but didn't really notice the video facility.
    It was scarey biscuits in strong wind... in fact, I've got a couple of pictures from after it smashed itself to bits in a storm.
    My friend took a quick video on her phone, I'll ask her later.

    I've been working on some solutions for 'safe' battery charging. I need to get back on the case with the pedal unit, everything is languishing in the muddy garden.

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I rarely have to use heating (I live in a very small studio flat). I use energy-saving bulbs and I always make sure to turn things off after I've used them or if they are not in use. I have bought energy-efficient appliances (kettle, toaster, microwave) but since I rent, I don't have control over things like my washing machine/fridge. I use as little water as possible and do things like eco/rapid washes for my laundry and the eco setting on my shower so little water is used as possible and not wasted.

    I don't have a dishwasher or tumble-dryer or anything like that, so the only things I don't really have control over are the washing machine, cooker and fridge in terms of their eco-rating.

    I don't have a car so I use public transport when I have no other choice (if walking or cycling isn't an option) and my electricity provider is Ecotricity, so I buy green energy. I also found this site to be very useful:

    I would really love to one day move out of renting the flat and have my own eco-friendly home, made with sustainable materials and to generate my own energy - but for now, I am doing my best in the situation I am in.
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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I cut the power to my computers when not used (so a few are behind the same extension cord switch but not really running), despite this shortening the PSU lifespan somewhat.

    Nowadays I cycle for transportation and also increasingly recreation - at most I'd be using what lighting I have on the bike then, certainly less than what's typical when I'm home.

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I too use my bicycle for transportation from mid April to mid October (way too cold for me up here in the winter to ride but some people do) for some errands and for work and just for fun. Hiking and canoeing are another past time that do not require a lot of energy (other than human). I have been rallying to get more bike racks available to park and lock my bike downtown and at various businesses as they are sorely lacking. This is not a bike friendly city but people are trying to change that.

    I do not do enough at home to save energy other than recycle and keep the heat down to barely tolerable and hang clothes to dry. I have a habit of leaving lights on. I need to be more aware of how I use energy that's for sure.

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I am so jealous of everyone in this thread
    I would love to do more for the environment but the current situation prevents it: I live on the third floor of an apartment with zero outside space (not even a balcony). The white goods pretty much all belong to the company that owns our building, minus some cheap bits and pieces we had to buy on a pitiful budget. We have no control over our energy and water providers or tariffs.
    While I'm out in America over the summer, I'm hoping to learn all about Permaculture and more ways to live the eco lifestyle (practically) and then return to somewhere with some outside space and somewhere that I can have a bit more control over energy providers and such

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I don't have a fridge, not by choice though haha.
    I don't have air-conditioning.
    I have everything on powerdboards and turn them off when they are not in use.
    I also have the energy saving bulbs, not that any of them come on at all because I am stingey plus I love being in the dark..
    I cook at my mum's house, who lives across the road and I cook for everyone so only one person cooks in a day but I also cook more than we need so we can have food for a few days without cooking.. I often eat my food without re-heating it.
    I wish I could buy solar panels and only use solar power.
    I also wish I could use recycled water for toilets and things like that..
    I used natural gas for my gas though..

    I want to be more energy saving eventually when I build a house.. =]

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    Lightbulb Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    I sometimes bike to work.
    I unplug my phone charger and turn off power strips when not using them.
    We keep our heat low in the winter and wear sweaters and blankets...better for snuggling :]
    We only use our ac when it gets above 85 (which isn't all that often in Northern Minnesota)
    I use energy efficient bulbs. They make a nicer light anyway!
    I keep any unused lights off.
    We're energy efficient at my work, too! We got some advice from a cool local business called EnerChange. They actually work with nonprofits to help them save energy and money...for free! We're not noprofit though, but we know them, so they gave us some advice :]

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    Hey jdoornink, I live in Northern Minnesota too (Duluth area)! Good to see someone else from my neighborhood! I love to ride my bike to work and around town too (at least April - October).

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    do my washing and charge my phone up early using befor 8.30 economy 7
    dry my clothes outside or on a clothes drier.
    keep my gas central heating on a low setting
    use a slow cooker
    wear my clothes several times befor washing them
    wear thermals in the house in winter rather than turn the heating up

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    Another good suggestion is to buy a flask and keep boiled water in it to save using the kettle constantly.

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    Default Re: (How) Do You Save Energy?

    Put a filled litre bottle of water in the cistern of the loo. It will trick it into thinking it's full and therefore saves water when you flush.

    Fridges and freezers account for over 30% of a household’s electricity bill. Each time you open the door it takes 3 minutesfor the fridge to regulate its temperature, so try and do it as little as possible when you can
    Even the smallest person can change the course of the future

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